KOB Start Blansko

Date of event:

27.7. - 28.7. 2013

Center of the event:

Racice GPS: 49°18'17.752"N, 16°51'6.427"E


For registration of foreigners use e-mail contact ....cykloplus@gmail.com
The start is open only for people aged 18 and more. For younger than 18, only with parental consent.


Price for one couple                      2. stages     

The last registration from 1.7.2013 till 21. 7. 2013        27 Euro        (700 CZK)

Sport Ident:

The electronic system SportIdent will be used to record passage through checkpoints. Please include number of your own IS to the entry form. There will be the possibility to rent SI for 50 CZK fee. Please include your concern to rent SI to the entry form. One SI chip is needed for each couple.


The tents in the centre of the event.

4 Euro (100 CZK) per person per day


There will be possibility to order half board in the centre of event. Please include your concern to entry form.


According to the organizers' rules in the competition centre.


Friday 26.7. 2013 18:00 - 21:00 in the centre of the event
Saturday 27.7. 2013 7:00 - 8:30 in the centre of the event


Interval start for 1th and 2nd stage. First bikers start at 9,00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Courses - time limits

The same for all categories

1st day 6 hours (Saturday)
2nd day 4 hours (Sunday)


Tourist map SHOCart saturday 1:50 000 sunday 1:40 000. The special print will be edited for the event. 1 map for 1 couple is included in event fee. Further maps will be possible to buy on place.


MM two mens up to 80 years (sum of both athletes' ages in the day of race)
MM+ two mens over 80 years
DD two women up to 80 years
DD+ two women over 80 years
MD one man and one woman up to 80 years
MD+ one man and one woman over 80 years


Compulsory and recommended equipment

Mountain bike, helmet, spare equipment, map holder, refreshment for the race. Bike helmet is compulsory.

GSM +420 602 714 715 Roman Danek 


........any questions, contact us cykloplus@gmail.com